Friday, June 12, 2009

Our First Review!

I am thrilled that our first site review has been written and posted on the internet! With Annemarie's permission, I have copied it for you to read. . . Enjoy!

How important is coffee to you in your life? Do you wake up each morning craving the fresh scent of just brewed coffee? Or do you crawl out of bed, eyes barely open, being guided by your nose to the kitchen counter where your little coffee maker sits in the corner? Do you find yourself reaching blindly into the cupboard for a shaker of sugar and your favorite mug?

What happens if you reach for the coffee pot, only to find it cold and empty? Oh no! You forgot to buy more coffee yesterday! Oh, it was the kids, they were running through the coffee isle and you forgot to swing back round to pick up your favorite brand. How could you forget your best friend, coffee?

What are you going to do today? Pick up a high priced coffee at the local coffee shop drive in? Well, I guess that would be the right option for today, if you are able to bath and cloth yourself without your good buddy, coffee. I myself cannot attempt to operate machinery such as a vehicle without my morning coffee.

So, I decided to figure out a plan that would ensure I would never run out of coffee. Well, the first plan was to grow my own coffee plant on my balcony, but Arizona is not really the right climate for coffee, if you know what I mean. Scratch the first plan, my second plan was to put a sticky note in my purse to remind me to purchase coffee every weekend when I went to the store. This seemed like a great idea, until my husband threw out my tattered sticky note because he did not understand what "pick up good buddy" meant. Let me tell you, I have another story about that conversation that will have to wait for later.

Since plan number one for coffee retrieval did not work and plan number 2 was a failed attempted, I went to the internet. To the internet, Batman! The internet is so fantastic for shopping and paying bills why not set up coffee delivery!
And that is when I discovered is an online retailer that offers monthly deliveries of my good buddy, coffee! Imagine my surprise when I discovered a small mom and pop, non-corporate coffee business that I could rely on for awesome distinctive and valuable coffee! I am so excited to have discovered PerkULater .com that I haven’t stopped drinking the coffee or telling my friends about it! Here is the deal; I chose my 3 favorite coffee flavors and whether I wanted them ground or whole bean. Then, sets up my customer profile to include monthly deliveries right to my doorstep. Each month around the same time, I see a large beautiful box containing my favorite and glorious joy in life, coffee! (Many apologies to my family and my husband as coffee is very much important to me).

Give a shot because you won’t be disappointed by the automatic delivery of quality coffee! I would try espresso style with a dollop of whipped cream on top!

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